How does Pharmaceeka work for Employers?

How does Pharmaceeka work for Pharmacy Employers,

and why should you use it?


When searching for a new team member, there's a LOT of people out there, but the ONLY ones that are really of interest to you are the ones looking for a new role. Even more specifically, the ones looking for a job like the one you have available!


For a Pharmacy Employer, Pharmaceeka is an incredibly easy platform to use, and works around 5 simple steps:


1. You register on the site, completely for free, which allows you to immediately search the Pharmaceeka Talent Database.

2. You search the Talent Database, based on key criteria about your vacancy; profiles of Pharmacists who match will be instantly displayed.

3. You select those profiles that are of interest to you.

4. You outline the position you have vacant (role, role type, location, package etc) as well as any other key selling points you wish to get across and present that to the Pharmacists that you have selected.

5. The opportunity is presented to those Pharmacists, and you will be connected with those who are interested in learning more about your vacancy.


Pharmaceeka allows you to position your vacancy directly at current, engaged Pharmacists who are looking for a position just like the one you're trying to fill. This allows you to spend less time searching by having a high quality, up to date Talent Database to come to you when you have a vacancy, allowing you to focus on running your Pharmacy.

Fees are only payable if your use of Pharmaceeka results in you hiring a Pharmacist. CLICK HERE to reviews the terms of business.