Pharmacist FAQ's

How much does it cost to register with Pharmaceeka?

Nothing! Registering on Pharmackeea as a Pharmacist is free, and always will be. There will never be a cost for a Pharmacist to use Pharmaceeka.

Click here to create your free profile.

What makes Pharmaceeka different?

Pharmaceeka has evolved to become Australia's ONLY Pharmacy Talent Marketplace. That allows you to make yourself findable by employers who have vacancies that match a what you tell us you're looking for.

When you register on Pharmaceeka, you outline the type of position you're looking for; when a Pharmaceeka client searches for Pharmacy Talent, if their role is a match for what you're looking for, they can present their opportunity directly to you. That way, you can focus on doing your job (and whatever other fun stuff you choose to spend your time doing), and ONLY be contacted by employers with relevant roles.

Who will see my details on the site?

Absolutely no one!

When an Employer searches for Pharmacists, they will ONLY see deidentified profiles of relevant Pharmacists who match their vacancy. They won't see your name, where you live, or ANY identifying information.

The ONLY pieces of your information they will see are:

- how many years you've been AHPRA registered

- the type of role you're looking for

- where you're prepared to work

- your slary expectations.

The whole point of redesigning Pharmaceeka was to allow you to have opportunities presented to you ANONOMOUSLY

I do not want my current employer to know I am looking for alternative work, what should I do?

This is exactly why you should use Pharmaceeka. Your profile will be visible to potential Employers without them knowing who you are.

How does an Employer contact me then?

Once an employer has conducted a search, they will be shown anonymous, deidentifed profiles of Pharmacists who match their search criteria. They will then send you information about the opportunity they currently are trying to fill. 

You will recieve an email outling the opportunity, to which you can indicate your interest, or not. If you select that you are intereted in learning more about the role, you will be connected up with the Employer to have a conversation about the opportunity.

Do I need to fill out all the details in my profile?

There are some aspects of your profile that are mandatory, as these are the pieces of information used for matching your profile to employers searches.

Again, we can't stress this highly enough: an employer will NEVER see your name, current employer or contact information until we have your written permission to share that information.

Will anyone from Pharmaceeka contact me?

A Talent manager from Pharmaceeka / Nationwide Pharmacy Services may contact you from time to time to ensure that we have an up to date picture of your ideal next role. As your career progresses, that ideal next role may change,a nd we want to make sure you continue to be presented with the exact right opportunities. If you indicate you are interested in an opportunity, we will get in touch to connect you up with Employer.

I no longer want to use the website - what should I do?

If you no longer want to be contacted regarding opportunities through Pharmaceeka, you can contact us and we will have your profile deleted for you immediately.

If you have any questions not covered above feel free to contact us for more information.