Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Pharmaceeka will observe this Privacy Policy for the collection, storage, use, security and disclosure of personal and organisational information. This Privacy Policy will also apply to any information about you or your organisation that is provided to us by third parties such as referees.

Any use of personal or organisational information by third parties, including third parties which provide links to the Pharmaceeka website, is not covered by this Privacy Policy.


Purposes of Collecting Personal and Organisational Information

Pharmaceeka will only collect personal and organisational information necessary for the purpose of connecting registered Pharmacists and Pharmacy Employers across Australia (“Permitted Purpose”).


Personal and Organisational Information Collected

Personal and organisational information will be collected when:

  •            registering as a Pharmacist with Pharmaceeka; and
  •            registering as a Pharmacy Employer with Pharmaceeka.

The personal information we may collect could include your name or the name of your organisation, your address, your e-mail address, your qualifications, associated qualification and registration documents, your ABN or ACN, staffing requirements and other relevant information for the Permitted Purpose.

Other personal or organisational information that is normally required to be transferred between employers and employees in an employment context may be collected from time to time.


Use and Security of Personal and Organisational Information

Pharmaceeka generally collects your personal information for the purposes of enabling potential pharmacy employers to have access to your qualifications and experience to determine if you meet their employment requirements, and to enable pharmacist employees to have appropriate organisational information and details of availability and requirements for particular placements.


All pharmacy employee registration details will be made publicly available on the Pharmaceeka website to pharmacy employers registered with Pharmaceeka if such details are made ‘public’ in their account settings. These settings may be altered by the pharmacy employee registrant anytime by logging into their account and changing the information to ‘private’ in order to not be made viewable to any party other than Pharmaceeka administration.


Pharmaceeka will take commercially reasonable steps to ensure that personal and organisational information Pharmaceeka collects, stores or uses in accordance with this Privacy Policy is accurate, complete, up to date and secure, and will use commercially reasonable and secure steps to destroy any personal or organisational information that is no longer required for the Permitted Purpose. You can contact us if you believe any of the personal or organisational information we hold is innaccurate so that we can make reasonable attempts to correct it.



The Pharmaceeka website uses token ID cookies. Pharmaceeka will not attempt to link information stored in token ID cookies to any personal or organisational information and will only use token ID cookies for the Permitted Purpose.


Non-Disclosure to Third Parties

Pharmaceeka will keep your personal and organisational information confidential and will not disclose your personal or organisational information to third parties unless it is required to do so by law, under an order from a court, tribunal or authority, has obtained your prior written consent, or as set out in this Privacy Policy. Pharmaceeka will not disclose your personal or organisational information overseas.

Direct Marketing

By giving us your e-mail address you consent to receive e-mail correspondence from Pharmaceeka from time to time informing you of employment opportunities or other relevant information you might expect to receive. By giving us this information, you authorise Pharmaceeka to use this information for this purpose. Pharmaceeka will not pass on or sell your e-mail details or other personal or organisational information to any unrelated third party for direct marketing purposes. If you wish to stop receiving any direct marketing correspondence from Pharmaceeka please send us an email to, or contact us using the contact details on our webpage, to opt out of receiving correspondence from Pharmaceeka. However, you agree and acknowledge that even if you opt out of direct marketing from Pharmaceeka, we will continue to send you essential information regarding the services which we provide.


Changes to Privacy Policy

Pharmaceeka may update or change this Privacy Policy from time to time and will update the last modified date. Pharmaceeka may elect to place a notification of material changes on the home page of the Pharmaceeka website or communicate material changes directly to you as it considers appropriate.



Request for Access to Personal Information

If you wish to have access to your personal or organisational information, please forward a request to the Pharmaceeka Privacy Officer at the address set out in Contact Details below.  Pharmaceeka will release your personal or organisational information to you in response to a request unless it is permitted to deny a request for access pursuant to the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) or any other applicable state or federal law.


Contact Details

If you have any queries regarding the collection, storage, use, security or disclosure of your personal or organisational information under this Privacy Policy, please contact us at


Last modified: March 2022