How does Pharmaceeka work for Pharmacists?

How does Pharmaceeka work for Pharmacists,

and why should you use it?


For a Pharmacist, Pharmaceeka is an incredibly easy platform to use, and works around 5 simple steps:


1. You register on the site, completely for free, and outline what your ideal next role looks like (e.g. Pharmacist Manager, Sunshine Coast/Brisbane/Gold Coast, Full-time, $100,000+).

2. Pharmacy employers search the talent database, based on the same criteria.

3. If your ideal role is a match for their vacancy, your profile will be shown COMPLETELY UNIDENTIFIED AND ANONYMOUSLY (we can't stress this enough, NONE of your details will be visible to anyone searching, it will be completely impossible for anyone to identify you)

4. The Pharmacy employer will outline the specifics of their role, which will then be sent to you.

5. You select whether you'd like to learn more about that opportunity or not. If you select to learn more about the opportunity, you will be connected to the employer to facilitate further discussions.


Pharmaceeka allows you to outline your ideal next role, and ONLY be contacted by potential employers whose opportunity matches all of your criteria, meaning you don't have to waste time discussing roles that aren't a match for what you're looking for.

You make yourself searchable to potential employers, while remaining completely anonymous, which allows you to make yourself visible without a current employer knowing you're doing so.