Employers FAQ's

How much does it cost to register with Pharmaceeka?

Nothing! Registering on Pharmaceeka as a Pharmacy Employer is free, and always will be. There will never be a fee for searching the Talent Marketplace. There will only ever be fees payable if your use of the site results in you employing someone who is introduced to you by your use of the site or by NPS / Pharmaceeka.

Click here to create your free profile.

Why do I have to pay for to hire someone through Pharmaceeka?

Pharmaceeka has evolved to become Australia's ONLY Pharmacy Talent Marketplace. Our goal for the site is to be an easy to use, up to date, Talent Marketplace you can turn to when you have a vacancy (we know these almost always come at exactly the wrong time).

To offer this, we have team of Talent Managers constantly speaking with candidates, making sure their profiles are up to date and accurate, so that when you search for someone for a Position, you're presented with profiles of candidates who match what you're looking for.

How do I make contact with Pharmacists?

Once you've conducted your search, you select the profiles that are of interest to you. You will then be given an opportunity to present your oppoprtunity to them including all the selling points you wish to provide. Those pharmacists then indicate if they would like more information or not; those who do will be connected up with you immediately.

Why are the profiles de-identified?

If the profiles were NOT de-identified, the only Pharmacists you would see on the site, would be those who were happy for their current employer to potentially see. This would significantly reduce the Talent pool you could reach. By being able to be on the site anonymously, Pharmacists are able to register knowing their confidentiality will be maintained at all times, and gives you access to 'passive talent' i.e. those who are happy in their current role but would be open to new opprtunities if the right one is presented.

Will anyone from Pharmaceeka contact me?

Should you present an opporunity to a Pharmacist, and they select that they would like some more information, a Talent manager from Pharmaceeka / Nationwide Pharmacy Services may contact you to make sure your opportunity is presented as favourably as possbile. In the current hiring climate, most Pharmacists will have multiple options, so we want to work withy ou to give you the greatest chance we can of securing the Pharmacist you're after.

I no longer want to use the website - what should I do?

If you no longer want to be contacted regarding opportunities through Pharmaceeka, you can contact us and we will have your profile deleted for you immediately.

If you have any questions not covered above feel free to contact us for more information.